The art of sandwicherie

From the bottom to the top slice, we carefully craft your sandwich so that the elements combine masterfully. Our time tested, original recipes call for a wide variety of premium fresh ingredients to create your mouthwatering meal in a few minutes.

All from scratch

We grill our meats (we don’t nuke ’em), we make our soups fresh daily, and we make your salads to order. No reheating or adding preservatives. Just freshness you can taste, and quality you can trust.

A healthy alternative to fast food

When you want a wholesome, healthy meal that your family loves –– you’ve got Sacks. In about the same time as it takes to get a burger and fries, allow us to create a healthy meal from scratch that is sure to please.

The Sacks Story

The art of sandwicherie

Like any good parent, Wanda Morrow got it right. So when she started W. M. Sacks, she was determined to recreate the meals she always prepared for her family and serve them up to an expanded family of sandwich shop customers.

Naturally, she ensured that her customers enjoyed nothing less than freshly prepared meals, just like her family did every night. That means that Sacks serves affordable, healthy, and wholesome meals that are free of preservatives and additives.

Over 25 years later, Sacks’ famous menu is all about made-from-scratch items. That includes every desert, every salad, every sandwich, all tossed pastas and soups.  And our mission remains the same: to serve memorable, nourishing meals, prepared fresh each day!


selections of grain breads delivered fresh daily.


made-to-order salads with options such as grilled chicken.


recipe homemade soups simmered to maximize their flavor.


sandwiches crafted in a special order, so sandwich elements blend together harmoniously.


desserts including Wanda's Magical Cookies are made fresh on-site for the ultimate meal ending.


meals for lunch and dinner that offer a balanced meal whether sandwich or salad.

Wanda's Cookies

Take some home today!

Enjoy one of our signature sweet endings –– Wanda’s Magical Chocolate Chip Cookies –– baked fresh from your home oven.

If you love our cookies, then you’re going to love that we offer our cookie dough freshly prepared and preservative free every day.

Available exclusively at all Sacks Stores and AJ’s Fine Foods.

Get our 2 lb. container for just $6.49