Please select the right Sacks store for your Pick-up or Delivery Order


Hours: Mon - Sat
9am - 3pm


Hours: Mon - Sat
9am - 3pm


Hours: Mon - Fri
8am - 3pm


Hours: Mon - Fri
8am - 3pm

Delivery Policies


When can I place an order?

You can order online anytime if you specify an available pickup/delivery time. Phone orders can be placed during our normal business hours. Please place your order enough in advance to get our normal fulfillment window (pickups - 15 minutes, delivery - 45 minutes).

Sacks can deliver outside of normal delivery hours by special arrangement only.

Do you deliver outside the standard delivery areas?

We will do our best to accommodate deliveries outside of the above standard delivery areas, however additional charges may apply.

Please contact the appropriate location for more details.

Is there a minimum order amount?

The minimum order subtotal for pickup is $5.00. For delivery, the minimum order subtotal is $25.00 (before tax, delivery charge, gratuity).

Do I need my order verified?

You'll receive a confirmation e-mail or call from Sacks to verify that your online or fax order has been accepted.

Do you accept large orders?

Please provide Sacks with at least 24 hours advance notice for very large orders (20 or more people).

Is there a delivery charge?

Sacks charges a small service fee with delivery orders. The entire amount goes directly to our drivers.