Sacks Arcadia (Hours: Mon – Sat, 9am – 3pm)


Hot Sandwich

Clint Eastwood - 8.49
(Sautéed Steak, Melted Pepper Jack Cheese, Avocado, Red Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, Chipotle Ranch Sauce, Toasted Baguette)

Cold Sandwich

Avalon - 8.29
(Tuna Salad, Havarti Cheese, Avocado, Almonds, Tomato, Cucumber, Fresh Spinach, Pumpernickel Bread)


Monte Carlo - 8.49
(Salad Lettuce, Smoked Turkey, Gorgonzola Cheese, Apple Slices, Walnuts, Honey Mustard Dressing served on the side)

Soup #1

Cream of Broccoli - 4.25

Other Specials:

Initials to win a Free Sandwich or Salad. Valid in house only with ID: